It’s All Good

In my prior post about Joseph, we saw that Joseph’s audacious sharing of his dreams was likely the catalyst for his brothers’ selling him as a slave and then staging his death.

Joseph would have been better off to have kept his mouth shut.

However, had Joseph kept quiet, his brothers may not have sold him as a slave. Joseph would not have ended up in Egypt. He would not have interpreted the Pharaoh’s dream and been promoted to second in command. He would not have been in a position to stockpile foodstuffs during the good years in preparation for the lean years to follow. He would not have been distributing food when his hungry brothers came calling — and it would not have been him that they bowed down to.

This is an example of how God can work bad things out for good — which is something that he does for those who love him and are aligned with him.

By Peter DeHaan

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