Are You in Debt?

The Bible says, “Let no debt remain outstanding.” That is sage advice for any time, but especially in these troubled economic conditions. Debt, in general, and bad debt, specifically, has gotten our economy into trouble, threatening to hold us down for the long term.

However, that’s not really what this verse is talking about. You see, I stopped too soon. Had I continued, I would have read, “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another.”

Wow, that puts things in a different perspective. Do you have a debt of love? That is one debt that can never be repaid. We can—and should—be making regular payments, but paying it off is never truly possible.

We “vowed” love to each other.  Let’s make sure that paying back that debt—every day.

[Romans 13:8]

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By Peter DeHaan

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