When is the Best Time of Day to Read the Bible?

Bible FAQsQ: When is the best time of day to read the Bible?

A: There is no specific best time.

The best time for you to read the Bible is whenever you are going to be able to give it your full attention, focusing on it, blocking out distractions, and not being rushed to finish.

Many people like to read their Bible in the morning, before they begin their day. Others feel Bible reading is a great way to conclude their day and focus their thoughts before going to sleep. Some find that arriving at work early and reading before others arrive best prepares them for the workday. Other options include reading during your lunch hour or coffee break, on your morning commute (providing you’re not driving), while savoring a cup of coffee, or even enjoying a hot bath!

Ultimately, the best time to read the Bible is whenever you can get the most return out of your investment of time and energy.

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